E-book and Other Announcements

The e-book for House of Mystery is now available through Amazon, Chapters, and Kobo!

If you’ve already read the book, you can review it on Goodreads or 49th Shelf (and I’ll love you forever).

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about some things I wrote that will be coming out soon. I’m particularly excited about the article I wrote for Road Maps & Life Rafts, which will launch on February 1.

I’ve also started work on a new poetry manuscript, tentatively titled Cabinet of Curiousity. Another project is taking shape behind the scenes that will be out much sooner than this manuscript–a podcast! Christian (my husband) and I will be hosting a podcast about adaptation (book-to-movie, book-to-tv-show, video-game-to-movie, etc) called Textual Relations. We’re envisioning it as a monthly thing, and we want our listeners to read and watch along with us, so we’ll have a Facebook group up and running with more details soon-ish!

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