• House of Mystery, Kelp Queen Press/ChiZine Publications, October 20, 2016


• Sea Foama chapbook with illustrations by Faith B. Logan, JackPine Press, December 2013


• “The Powerful Monster,” “The Polite Monster,” and “Sibyl,” forthcoming in Collective Unrest

• “Floral Dissection,” Oceans & Time on Honey & Lime, January 5, 2019

• “The Good People” and “House of Mystery,” Rose Red Review, Issue 13, Summer 2015

• “Blood and Trees,” Fieldstone Review, 2012

• “Bluebeard,” Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Issue 3, July 6, 2012


• “Human Perfection,” On Spec, #102, Vol. 27, No. 3, April 2016

• “Princess Lessons” in Swift, Flowing, January 2015

• “Witch I,” “Witch II,” and “Origin Story” in Room Magazine 37:3, The Geek Girl Issue, Fall 2014

• “Meditations on Yellow,” Carousel, Vol. 32, November 2013

• “Mother,” Spring, Vol. 8, March 2013

• “Letter of the Mermaid.” [SPACE], Vol. 3, March 2012. English Students’ Association. University of Regina


• “Mother Witch,” “I Understand You, Stepmother,” “Grandmother,” and “Little Moonlight,” Absent Mothers, edited by Frances Greenslade, Demeter Press, forthcoming in January 2017

• “Witch I” and “Witch II,” Imaginarium 4: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing, ChiZine Publications, October 2015

• “A Plain Tale,” FourW Vol. 21: New Writing, 2010.

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