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Workshops Offered:

How to Write a Fairy Tale Poem

Have you ever wanted to write your own fairy tale? Or wondered what happens after “once upon a time?” This workshop will take you deep into the woods, and teach you some of the defining features of a fairy tale. You’ll choose your favourite fairy tale, and learn about different ways you could adapt it. You’ll also create your own characters and stories, and share them with the other participants. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, everyone will enjoy exploring the rich world of fairy tales. 

Putting Yourself Out There: A Workshop for Writers

This workshop is about how to present yourself to the public as a professional writer. Using practical examples and templates, learn how to create a stellar literary resume and a clear and concise writer’s statement. Every writer needs a great bio; learn how to tailor your bio for readings, grant applications, pitches, and more. Want to be more involved with the writing community? Take in some extra tips on memberships and events.