Courtney Bates-Hardy’s debut collection of poetry, House of Mystery (2016) is a beautifully dark and vivid collection of poems that tears down familiar ideas about fairy tales. She holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Regina. Her poems have appeared in a variety of publications, including Room, CAROUSEL, PRISM, This Magazine, and the Canadian Medical Association Journal. House of Mystery was nominated for the 2017 Elgin Award. Her first chapbook, Sea Foam, was published by JackPine Press in December 2013 and sold out in six months. She is the co-editor of apart: a year of pandemic poetry and prose (Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, 2021). Her poems have been featured in Imaginarium 4: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing and The Best Canadian Poetry 2021. She is queer and disabled, and one-third of a writing group called The Pain Poets. She is currently working on her second manuscript of poetry, tentatively titled Anatomical Venus. 

You can find her on Twitter (@poetcourtney) or email her at courtney.bates@hotmail.com.

Photo Credit: Ali Lauren Creative Services

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  1. Your current project sounds interesting! I’m guessing you’re already familiar with Anne Sexton’s collection “Transformations” — there’s another book that you might find interesting: “Becoming the Villainess” by Jannine Hall Gailey (Steel Toe Books).


    1. My manuscript is actually finished! I’m just searching for a publisher right now, while I continue working on some monster poems. I talked about Anne Sexton’s “Transformations” in my thesis and I’ve got two of Jeannine Hall Gailey’s books (“Becoming the Villainness” and “Unexplained Fevers”). I recently picked up Sandra Kasturi’s “Animal Bridegroom,” which I’m really enjoying!

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