CMAJ Publication

I’m really pleased to have FIVE poems in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. They are currently behind a paywall, but they will be available for the public at the beginning of March 2020, when you will be able to find them here.

The process of getting these poems published was incredible. They were peer-reviewed, and I received some amazing feedback from the reviewers:

“These are accomplished poems indeed, a new physician poet is on the scene. Manzolini is well worth this unsentimental, unblinking celebration. I remember how haunting I found her self-portrait when I first saw it…All in all, excellent work, in its treatment of the natural associations one has to the intricacies of cadavers and dissection.”

The self-portrait that the reviewer is referring to is this wax model created by Anna Morandi Manzolini to depict her work as an anatomist (notice the open skull in front of her, and her poised hands that should be holding medical instruments):


I’m very excited about the writing I’ve been doing lately, and I hope to start sending this manuscript out to potential publishers very soon!

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