I am delighted to have two poems in the October issue of deathcap–“A Love Letter to the Cadavers Who Twice Saved My Life” and “Pedestal”. These are both poems from my current manuscript–one from the healing section and one from the monster section. I wrote “A Love Letter…” after reading Stiff: The Curious Lives of … More deathcap

Poetry Pause

Pleased to have a new poem featured on Poetry Pause a few days ago. It’s called “Care of Small Poems“, and it’s part of a series of poems I wrote on healing while I was at Sage Hill last summer. I was thinking, in particular, of all the times I cleaned and bandaged my brothers’ … More Poetry Pause

Eye to the Telescope

Delighted to have a new poem in the latest issue of Eye to the Telescope: The SEX Issue. Check out “Bride of Frankenstein” on their website. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s poems in this issue, especially “My Metalman Looks Best Covered in Plasma” by Clayre Benzadon, which reminded me of Jess Fink’s Chester XYV. I … More Eye to the Telescope

This Magazine

My copy of This Magazine’s latest issue just arrived, and I’m so excited to have a poem in this issue! “A Trail of Blood” is in the Jan/Feb 2020 issue, and you can subscribe to the magazine here. Huge thank you to David Ly for choosing this poem and saying such lovely things about it. … More This Magazine

CMAJ Publication

I’m really pleased to have FIVE poems in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. They are currently behind a paywall, but they will be available for the public at the beginning of March 2020, when you will be able to find them here. The process of getting these poems published was incredible. They were peer-reviewed, and … More CMAJ Publication